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Nrityanjali Traditional Kathak Institution

Nrityanjali Traditional Kathak Institution (NTKI), was established by Susanta Ghosh in 2009 and is dedicated to the preservation and education of Kathak Nritya. At Nrityanjali, students learn Lucknow Gharana (style) of Kathak Nritya, with the aesthetics of the art and the refined subtlety of rendering expression along with the deep understanding and versatility of laya (rhythm). Here students undergo the intricate training which is the perfect state where Mind, Body and Soul comes in an equally bream state, Kathak Yoga invented none other than Late Pandit Chitresh Das. At Nrityanjali students learn under the dynamic leadership and guidance of Susanta Ghosh. The young learners learn the minute perfections of the Complex Rhythmical compositions, Dazzling Footwork's and Kathak Yoga. The children of Kolkata Red Light area along with the New Light Organization are learning for past 6 years under his guidance. Here they along with the others learn and get opportunity to showcase their performing skills through different classical concerts and festivals. 


-BAITHAKI home concert series in every 2 months

-We hold our Annual Concert every year during the month of May -June period

-Solo/Duet/Trio live performance opportunities for the selected students those who are focused on the fundamental training process

-Yearly workshop conducted by the luminaries of Kathak field

-The students are regularly attending the workshops by Guru Pt. Birju Maharaj, Guru Smt. Saswati Sen


-Anusha Dutta, achieved CCRT Scholarship Ministry Of Culture, Govt. of India 2022

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